Try Your Mind.™

This 3D mechanical puzzle is an exercise machine for your brain! It’s a puzzle that trains your logical and spatial intelligence. Invent new games as you shape-shift the Cubes into hundreds of different shapes. Then, solve the puzzle by shifting the Cubes back to the shape of a 3x3x3 cube — without taking them apart.

This extraordinary, brand new invention merges two classic toys: the builder’s set and the cube puzzle. The result is a Set of Cubes that can shape-shift to be transformed from one shape to another. Bishop Cubes® are a medium for your hands and mind to explore the three-dimensions of space. Slide and click the interlocking Cubes into new positions to create a vast variety of amazing configurations. Let your inner genius out to play with this tactile, kinetic, shape-shifting puzzle.

When you’re ready for a more difficult game, try to slide the individual Bishop Cubes® back into the shape of a single 6-sided Cube, without unlocking the individual Cubes from each other. It’s a challenge!

Bishop Cubes® engage your creative, logical, and spatial thinking. They definitely train the mind to maintain FOCUS! It’s a meditation tool, an educational toy and a source for hours of fun. Mathematicians are interested in the THEORY behind the Bishop Cubes. Puzzle masters love the challenge. Kids just think they’re sooo coool!

We invite you to play with this sensational, new puzzle. There has never been anything like it before. This puzzle is a limited edition run of this type, no more than 500 of these Sets will be made. Get an original before they’re all gone. Buy yours today.